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Testimonial by Leticia Credidio,

When I first came to Avril's practice I was suffering of indigestion problems and stomach inflammation for over 15 years. I had tried different types of conventional and alternative medicine but nothing seemed to work. I remember having flare ups every day, swollen belly and eyes and on the top of everything dermatitis. No doctor or practitioner could explain what I had and have received several misleading diagnosis. It was literally a nightmare – it got to a point that I couldn't eat anything anymore as I was constantly feeling sick and swollen – everything trigged a sort of a bad reaction in me. I had tried different kinds of medications but all was getting worse and worse.

During my first session with Avril I was impressed with her deep and holistic knowledge of nutrition, wellbeing and medicine. Her unique method of work is based on in depth investigation of cognitive behaviours, individual medical history and full diet analysis. Avril is precise, understanding and very giving – she would research and gather information and bring effective solutions until we achieve excellent results. 
After few sessions with her I was feeling almost 100% well. I had never experienced such improvement so quickly as Avril brought life-change solutions to my life and diet. It has been nearly two years now that every day I feel full of energy, free from indigestion and stomach pain and most importantly, free from any sort of medication and ignorance. Avril taught me what my body can digest and what I can eat. I recommended Avril's services and practice to everybody I know – my friends and partner were also helped by her. I still follow Avril's instructions and benefit from her care and huge experience to date.

Testimonial by Anna (HR) - The Brilliant Club,

As part of a Wellness initiative we organised for our employees at The Brilliant Club, Avril came in to deliver a Nutritional Advice session in November 2018. We were delighted with the vastness of information and advice we received as well as a lot of nutritional myth-busting on the day. Avril was extremely knowledgeable and facilitated a safe and comfortable environment for participants to ask questions and seek guidance on how they can make even small changes to impact their nutritional habits for the better.

Avril's specialties:


Digestive health

Hormonal health

Low energy and mood

Immunity support

Food allergies

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