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Dietary Coaching

This service entails collaborating with the patient on aspects of their diet and lifestyle. By carrying out motivational discussions with the patient, my aim is to bridge the gap between the idea of change and the reality of change. As a result achieve the patients personal goal towards achieving optimal health.

Dietary coaching consult usually takes about 60 minutes. Before our consultation I will email a food diary and lifestyle questionnaire to complete (including terms of engagement) and sent back to me prior to the appointment.

During the consult I shall educate and facilitate on how to attain a nutrient dense diet. We will cover topics such as cooking techniques, how to read food labels, what food essentials need to be in your pantry and fridge, awareness of what fruit and vegetables are in season, share wholesome recipes that are quick and easy to make. In addition share lifestyle tips on mindful eating, stress reduction, increasing physical activity and improve sleep hygiene.

For more information please email me any questions and we can explore whether dietary coaching is the right route for you.

Chickpea Salad
Avril's specialties:


Digestive health

Female health issues

Thyroid Health

Low energy and mood

Immunity support

Food allergies


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