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Nutritional Therapy

Initial Consultation: Before our initial consultation, I will email you a nutrition questionnaire (including terms of engagement) and a 2 day food diary to complete and send back to me prior to the appointment. During the initial consultation we will look at all aspects of your life such as diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle, so to start identifying any underlying factors that may be the root cause to your health concern(s). 

Your first consultation will typically take about 60 minutes and is used to gather an in-depth case of your current health status, symptoms and emotional factors, all of which influence health. Where deemed necessary, I may recommend specific laboratory tests to help detect underlying factors, such as nutritional deficiencies, imbalance gut flora, hormonal imbalances, food allergies and food sensitivities. During the consultation you will be given a few dietary and lifestyle recommendations on how to start your programme. At this stage, I may also recommend nutritional supplementation if deemed appropriate.

After the initial consultation I will access the information gathered and research your case using evidence based science to develop a customised nutritional programme for you.

Follow-up Consultations:
At the follow-up consultation (s) we will discuss your specific nutrition programme, discuss any  test results and nutritional supplements that maybe recommended and/or modified (reviewed).

Follow-up consultation usually takes about 45 minutes.

The number of follow-up consultations required depends on the complexity of your health concern (s) and how you respond to your nutritional programme. It is worth noting that changing life-long habits is a process and can be challenging at times, therefore it requires patience and perseverance however you can do it! 

I can provide initial and follow-up consultations via Zoom, if distance is a restriction for you. 

For more information please email me with any questions and to explore whether nutritional therapy is the right route for you.

Please note: Nutritional Therapy does not diagnose medical conditions. If you are without a diagnosis for your particular health concern, you may first wish to consult your GP before seeking treatment options.   

Avril's specialties:


Digestive health

Female health issues

Thyroid health

Low energy and mood

Immunity support

Food allergies


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